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Square Pipe Challi

Square Pipe Challi

Steel challis are widely used in India and are fabricated from square specially designed for providing safe platform with proper placement & support. These steel challis are available in different sizes. They are available for making surface to work. We supply steel challi which is made of ms square pipes that helps to provide a perfect platform in construction work. It is a platform on which one can sit and work. It is of 2mm length and 18mm wide. They are made of square pipes.

The design specific Challis we offer are recognized for their sturdy build and durability. Made Out of MS Square Pipes from 20mm to 40mm & MS angle bracing support, which provide a suitable platform in construction work.

Popular sizes are
2000 x 400mm
2000 x 300mm
1800 x 300mm
1800 x 300mm
2700 x 300mm

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